A new vision for a new generation.

Change and awareness in our lives on this planet is much needed for us and our future generations! That’s what you are seeking for, and it’s the same for us too. Together we are on the same mission! A mission to help us achieve that change in every step we take each day. A step towards a sustainable world! That’s why we started Premium Basics to Offer a FAIR VEGAN LUXURY sneaker that is entirely Made in Italy, with an animal free approach in a sustainable way. We hope we can be a vehicle for you too and eventually follow us, know that we are here, and when you are ready hopefully you will join us :)

Discover the world of Premium Basics, a place where can meet and share all our passion for Sneakers and making change happen in the process.


Our sneakers are entirely handmade in Italy, trough tradition and passion.

A pair of Premium Basics stand out, including fashion trends without leaving out comfort! The upper and the insole are sewn using a strobel process, that is done entirely by hand. It requires more than 100 different stages of production taking about 4 weeks of time to make. The sole is made with Extra Light polymers making the shoe suitable for all seasons thanks to its insulating property. All of our materials and components were chosen to ensure the best quality and minimise the environmental impact.

First Drop

We created our first drop for youthful, unisex exploration that helps us express individuality, diversity and positivity. It is a bold statement of a new brand that emphasises luxury street-daywear and is aware of problems like overproduction and pollution.

We are committed to operating a modern and responsible business.

If you're not cutting corners there is nothing to hide...
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We don’t take any shortcuts when we are handling each single pair. Quite the opposite we are committed to source materials, accessories from the best possible suppliers and expert manufacturers that have ben in the trade since generations passing all of this to you in every step you make in your day.

We push the boundaries to make a luxury product in a way that is sustainable for the environment we live in today and for tomorrow: Made in Italy using 100% ethically-sourced and sustainable materials.

- Ivano Sabato - PB Co-Founder -


The Italian production with skilled labour that guarantees the high quality that is a standard for CM, a company that is always researching new methods of improvements and efficiency while maintaining years of Know how in the business in the heart of one of the main production areas in the southern part of Italy. CM has been producing for many years for Luxury Labels like Kering group and LVMH so this is also why our quality standards are of the highest in the industry. The same approach we have with all our other suppliers stated more in detail here.


Shoe Factory
CM has ben producing for many years footwear with the highest quality standards and know how. They focus of CM is putting at the center of attention their customers needs, in order to help them transform their collections exactly how the stylists envision them. This is made possibile by 100 employees most with years of experience while being closely watched by also a new generation that is getting groomed and acquiring all the necessary technics and secrets of the production line to know, ready to bring forward the Made In Italy know how.
The Sole producer we partnered up with, founded in 1978 is located in the central part of Italy, they have ben a pioneer of change in the sole production method, particularly having patented WEARLIGHT® that’s an eco-sustainable material, completely non toxic and and partially recyclable. It does not pollute our planet in any way or create imbalances in the environment. The use and handling of these sustainable materials are always done by trying to work them while having the lowest environmental impact. The Production facility is also equipped solar panels that enable the company to get almost all of its running demand from them. The recycling fase of the soles is internally done with a special machine that grinds down older EVA soles and make it possible to make new ones out of the old material.
With our first release we have selected partners who create materials up to 100% recycled polyester manly coming from plastic bottles witch then are used to make laces, labels and linings. Compared to virgin polyester, recycled polyester also has the advantage of requiring less energy throughout the production fase. Motivated by our passion and inspired by the power of nature, we are constantly looking for a balance that is reflected throughout our production process to create cutting-edge products that are truly environmentally friendly.
The production process of Leather PU is similar to one used for paper recycling in which no toxic chemicals are used. The recycled polyester contained in Leather PU derives from polyester fabrics. This process compacts the fibers, giving them qualities of elasticity, resistance and softness. During the dying phase, the use of neutral and non-toxic dyes are a further guarantee of respect for health and the environment. Dinamica® is designed to be easily disposed of and 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. Recycling polyester means reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 80% compared to the traditional production process of polyester derived from petroleum.